Sunday, January 25, 2009

Development: Pomodoro technique

In spite of the very curious name, the Pomodoro technique is a very intresting and effective time management technique.
It's based on the use of a kitchen timer to mark 25-minutes intervals of study/work, with pauses between section; for this it can be useful to students or workers, where concentration is the core activity.

The core/theory of the technique is on the fact that a very productive approach to study/work is to strive to reach 25-minutes intervals of full concentration without internal or external interruptions, with the aid of simple technique to relegate the interruptions in separate time slices.

I found it to be really, really productive, especially because it automates/routinize (if accepted and done properly) the 'focused' state of mind, which can be more or less easy to break or destructure.

Unfortunately I found it to be really hard to put in practice because of the external interruptions, but I'm trying to modify the model to accomodate the inevitable. Really inevitable?

Essay: PDF format

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